Against the Grain - Testimonials

When the Nation of Israel was wandering in the desert, they would get discouraged. Moses would call them together and would ask them come forward, one at a time, and recount how God had been faithful. One might say "A year ago, I was making bricks for Pharaoh but today we are free". Another may say "God sent the death angel to kill the firstborn males, but saw the blood on our doorpost and passed us by". After everyone had gone, they would set up stones (an Ebeneezer) as a permanent reminder of God's faithfulness. They did this so that in future years, if they were losing faith and saw those stones, they would remember the faithfulness of God.

Below are those words of encouragement. They remind our participants, staff and those who have partnered with us, that God is faithful and is making a difference through the work of Against the Grain. If you ever feel like you're down and need some encouragement, please stop by and read some of these testimonials as a reminder that God is working through His people to make a difference in this world.

  • Recovery from a life of drugs

    "’Seth’ is an inmate who started using cocaine at the age of 8 with his mother.  Yes, while other little boys were going to baseball practice and riding bikes, Seth was learning how to use Cocaine. Seth has spent most of his adult life in prison. Seth came to Williamson County Jail, his... read more >>