Thank You Bart

January 05, 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bart Conover for his service to Against the Grain. Bart has been with us since the fact, he is listed as the Vice President on our founding documents. He has faithfully served and supported since the days when AtG was nothing more than a thought in our minds. He has used his gifts by filming and producing every video that has been done. He has been a good friend and constant encouragement. Bart has served for the last year as our Chairman and is rotating off the Board after 9 years of service. He will remain involved as we can't imagine not having him as a part of this ministry.  

We would also like to welcome Sarah Pierce who is our new Chair of 2012. Sarah has been on the Board of nearly three years and has already been an incredible blessing. She and her family have been involved with The 180 Program and the Image Builders Program. She is a Director of IT Clinical Studies for Hospital Corporation of America and has an extensive business background.

Please join us in welcoming Sarah and we look forward to an incredible 2012 under her leadership.