Students Desire to Learn

January 31, 2012

Today, while teaching in the Williamson County Jail, we asked the new inmates to let us know their commitment level to the class. We said "These books are expensive and we have not gotten a grant to pay for these books. They cost $20 each, so if you are not going to be here for the 8 weeks, please take the copies of this weeks lesson. If you are going to be here for the entire 8 weeks then you are welcome to the full book". Several of the new inmates new that they would not be in jail for 8 weeks so they took the copies. 

After class, as the inmates were filing into the hallway, one inmate said "I DO NOT want to go to prison again? I need your program. I can do great for 30 days, but then I go back to what I know. You have shown me something different today...can I use my commissary money to buy a book?" Here is a guy who wants the book so much that he is willing to take the money usually used for things like coffee, candy, pencils, pens, envelopes and stamps, and purchase a copy of the book. We thanked him but said "no...we'll give you the book" and handed him his own copy. It was very humbling to be your representative and allowed to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this young man and bring him a message of hope.