REACH 5,000

Against the Grain has formed a partnership with Rescued Not Arrested, an organization that sends Bibles into prisons and jails throughout the country. RNA provides over 50,000 Bibles every year to people who are hopeless, helpless and broken. As a result of this partnership,with every Bible that RNA sends to an inmate, they will include an application for The 180 Program's New Beginning Study. 

Here’s the greatest part, with the New Beginnings Study the inmate will learn to take personal responsibility, seek forgiveness and grow in their faith. It is our goal to change lives by reaching 5,000 inmates this year. But we need your hlep. The New Beginnings Book and shipping, cost $30 per person which means we need to raise $150,000. While this sounds overwhelming, we believe that God has opened this door, loves the poor and, as the owner of a cattle on a thousand hill, He will provide. But God usually provides through His people.  

Your donation can change a life. 

Will you help us REACH 5,000?