Mission, We Believe and Vision


The mission of Against the Grain is to educate and empower men and women, who have a history of abuse, addiction or negative cycles, to achieve their unique God-given potential.

We Believe:

  • that every man, women and child has been created by God’s design with a purpose. 
  • that everyone has strengths and assets and can contribute to society. 
  • that it is possible to facilitate a positive transformation, regardless of previous choices or circumstances and cycles of abuse, additions and dysfunction can be overcome.
  • that the Bible contains practical instruction to accomplish the goals stated above and is used as the first reference and final authority in the transformational process. 
  • that freedom and joy come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • that the Church and Christians are called to be in relationship with our communities to reach out in love and model Christ-like behavior.
  • that benevolence alone, without life-skills assistance, is detrimental to the physical, emotional and spiritual life of those who give and those who receive.



  • To provide educational and life-skills training from a biblical perspective.
  • To provide hope and healing, to those affected by abuse, addictions or negative cycles, through practical Bible studies that provide healthy answers to real life experiences and situations.
  • To provide resources and training to individuals, churches and organizations that seek to effectively minister to “the least of these”.