Keep us in jail with Kibble to Cash

October 08, 2015

Simply by feeding your dog, YOU can make a difference by keeping us in jail. Rob and Meredith KendallSounds crazy but it is true!  Positive transformations are happening inside jails through the ATG 180 program, but the reality is there is a cost to operating the program and we need your help.  Natures Select Pet Food of Middle TN has partnered with ATG and is donating $3 a bag for every 30lb bag you ever purchase.  Use money you are already spending on pet food to help equip people to move FROM A JAIL CELL TO A JOB SITE.

Our dog loves the food and has been eating Natures Select for years, the owners are very nice people, the pricing is the same or less than what you would pay at a pet store, plus there are additional multi bag discounts,  a money back guarantee and best of all they have free home delivery! 

From now thru November ATG will receive additional Bonus Bucks for every new customer that orders, in addition to the $3 donation per 30lb bag.  Feel free to use coupon code ATGKIC5  to receive $5 off your first order.  After your first order you will receive an additional $10 in coupons!!  For more info please check out the website at or call 615-986-9285.