Hope for the Homeless

March 04, 2016

GradutiaonSandy (not her real name) has been living at a homeless shelter for months. Two weeks ago Sandy graduated from The 180 Program’s Job Readiness class with a new hope. After graduation, she was interviewed and hired by one of AtG’s business partners and is well on her way to becoming self-sufficient.

AtG will minister to over 500 “Sandys” this year. People who feel lost and are unable to meet their basic needs. AtG provides hope to our neighbors by equipping them to break free from the negative cycles that are holding them down. Most of those we serve are struggling with addictions, poverty and hopelessness, but AtG provides real answers to their struggles by offering them peace, dignity and purpose.

Do you have a burden for your hurting neighbor? Do you want them to overcome their struggles and have hope? We need your help. AtG needs to increase our monthly partners by 30%. Will you consider answering this call and becoming a partner or making a donation this month?January Graduation

Your prayers and gifts to support this ministry enable us to share hope with our hurting neighbors. Thank you so much for your support ... and be assured God is using your gifts to provide hope every day. The very best days are ahead...days filled with peace, healing, restoration, and hope.

Click Here to become a monthly partner or make a donation.

for His glory,

Rob and Meredith