Harpeth Community Church's Youth Group in the Neighborhood

October 10, 2010


A couple of years ago a local youth group started reading a book- Irresistible Revolution. Half way through the book the teens said; we need to do something. Well something they did. JP the youth pastor contacted Against the Grain and asked for a meeting. At that meeting the youth leaders came armed with a yearly calendar and the prayer that they would take the AtG kids to camp during the following summer. So for the entire school year the youth came out in force, once a month, to either meet in the neighborhood or have the kids come to their building for an evening of fun. The night could as simple as showing up in the neighborhood with cokes and playing kickball or as in-depth as putting on a Christmas Party, fully equipped with a photographer to take family Christmas photos. This all started in the fall of 2008. The youth group also raised thousands of dollars during a bleak economic time and were able to take 40 AtG children to a week long day camp. The camp was purely run by the youth and there was a one to one ratio. During the day the kids came out to have a summer VBS camp and at night the youth had their summer camp. Now fast forward to fall 2010... They are still at it. Youth have graduated but still come to get their buddy when its night out. The youth group has already written their 2010-11 calendar.


Tonight was an evening of hot dogs, football hanging out and just running around. We don’t know what it looked like to the outsiders but to Against the Grain… it was youth living up to their word that these kids were their friends and they were going to have “relationships”. Also I have never seen so many teens give up a Saturday night to come play with kids ages 2 to 12. How can we get your youth fired up about something? Something so important that they are willing to give up a Saturday night?

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