A Great Week of Training

February 03, 2012

AtG trained 91 people in The 180 Program this week at four different locations. During the training sessions they laughed, cried and learned the destructive cycles that have destroyed families. Insanity was one of the themes of the week - "doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result".  They then learned the three "C's" of life...you must make a CHOICE and take a CHANCE to make a CHANGE. 

Quote of the week "I have been in rehab, gone through 2 recovery programs and anger management. You have taught me more in one class than all the other programs put together". We also got a letter from jail this week that was a great encouragement. "This may sound silly, but I have gotten to the point where I feel more comfortable when I'm back behind bars. That's INSANE. The 180 Program gives me great hope to one day put this mess behind me and live a normal life". Lastly, Congrats to Connie (the woman featured on The 180 Program video) as she celebrates 23 months clean after a 16 year addiction.  

The Study Buddy Program now is providing tutoring to 64 students in FSSD through the work of 44 volunteers who are working with 33 teachers. In the month of January, our Study Buddies logged 28 1/2 hours of tutoring at one of our schools. What an incredible job pouring into the lives of the kids. This may just be a coincidence...but we'll take coincidences. At the school where most of our tutors are working with Kindergarteners - they rated the highest in the district for Kindergarten. At the school where we focus most of our time in 2nd Grade - they rated highest in the district for Second Grade. Not trying to say that this is the direct result of the Study Buddy Program but it does make for an interesting note.

We still have many children on the waiting list with two training sessions coming up in the next two weeks. Please contact Carmen Powell for more information - carmen@atghope.org