Changed Lives

April 06, 2011

Below is an expert from Alisa Wilson - Program Director for AtG. She teaches weekly in the Williamson County Jail and this is part of her weekly update. The name has been changed for the privacy of our students.

"Seth" is an inmate who started using Cocaine at the age of 8 with his mother.  Yes, while other little boys were going to baseball practice and riding bikes. Seth was learning how to use Cocaine. Seth has spent many years in the Pen, he has been in out of jail 5 or 6 times. Seth came to Williamson County Jail, with his state paper work that stated, "Atheist" as his "religion".  Seth has been attending our classes for about 10 weeks. He completed the first 8 weeks, and is now re-enrolled in Session 1 as a mentor, and is currently enrolled in our Session 2 (Bible Study).  Seth has asked for his paper work to be changed so that he can get Pastoral Visits; however, the paper work keeps getting lost. But through ATG he is NOW getting "Church" 4 hours a week!!!  Seth is reading his bible, and seeking out his God, seeking out his Father, seeking out The KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS! Seth is LEADING A PRAYER CIRCLE IN HIS POD!!! 

Last week we covered out Geneograms. I shared my story, as well as, alot of Chris's story. After class Seth came to me and said, "Ms. Ally thank you for having the courage to stand up and tell me your story. I now know why I click with you. You will understand me, and my wife Kim. Ms. Ally I connect with your husband we are alot alike. I would love to meet him."  Let's back up a minute--When Seth was caught by the Sheriffs Department it wasn't your typical arrest. Seth left home that morning at 4am for "work" picking up his girlfriend and headed to do whatever they were in a car accident.  The police came and Seth was taken in. By the time he arrived at WCCS, the girlfriend has called the wife to let her know. Seth didn't have time to explain. NOW FAST FORWARD YESTERDAY-- Seth was telling me of his weekend visits, and how the jail turned down visitors of the 3 men who get visitors every week. Kim was sent away. She called the jail to ask if he had any visitors. See Kim, like many women still lives in the fear of the man she loves is cheating even while in jail. I can only imagine how Kim felt when she was told No, he didn't receive any visitors. However, I want to focus on how Seth felt when that thought of "Oh, if Kim couldn't come see me maybe I should call this girl and get her to come up and visit."  The old Seth would have made that call to the other girl. BUT THE NEW SETH SAID, NO NO I'M NOT GONNA DO THAT!!! Oh the taste of a VICTORY for Seth!!!!  What Seth doesn't know that several inmates mocked the thought of sexual addictions even being true! So for me I felt a Victory, for standing up in a room full of men and calling them out, calling Sexual Addictions what they are and how they destroy families! 

Please pray for Seth and the 40 other inmates that are currently receiving training at the William County Jail.