• Apr 04
    April 04, 2008

    When a new non-profit begins, the IRS reviews their purpose and provides a "temporary" approval as a not-for-profit.  After 5 years the organization is required to send the IRS financial information and legal documents to support that they are, in fact, fulfilling their purpose and are supported by a broad donor base.  Today, we received the official letter from the IRS and we have been granted permanent status and a 501(c...read article >>

  • Apr 04
    April 04, 2008

    The Nashville Predators have partnered with Against the Grain again this year by providing funds for Freedom School.  Pred Logo.JPGFreedom School is the summer program for Reach & Teach.  It is 5 weeks long and the 50 kids (Kindergarten - 8th grade) will complete a curriculum that focuses on Reading, History, Conflict Resolution...read article >>

  • Mar 27
    March 27, 2008

    Easter Sunday morning I woke and laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about what the day ahead would hold.  A special church service, a large dinner with extended family and an afternoon of catching up with friends and relatives I haven't seen in months.  This was not just a normal Sunday morning.  This was Easter.  While thinking through the day ahead it hit me...today is the 23rd of March....read article >>

  • Mar 06
    March 06, 2008

    One of the young men that we work with has been having problems in school.  He does not pay attention and his grades prove it.  He is consistently in the office and when he comes to Reach & Teach we often have to remove him from the classroom because he is disrupting the rest of the group.  Recently we tried a new approach.  We have pulled him out of the room and provided one-on-one tutoring with him during both...read article >>

  • Feb 20
    February 20, 2008

    One of our new moms has been bouncing from house to house for over a year.  She messed up and lost her place in Housing Authority.  She was homeless.  She has 3 kids and it was not uncommon for them all to be at different houses, there were other times when they would find a friend that would let them stay together for a few days.  As you can imagine this created incredible stress on the mom and...read article >>

  • Feb 17
    February 17, 2008

    Yesterday morning as I sat in the back of the room while we worked through the book "Get Out of That Pit" with our Saturday morning group, I was reminded of why we do this.  As the women began to share about their lives and the "pits" that they have been in and are currently in.  The women began to talk about the reality of living in abusive relationships.  This is a recall of the conversation as best I can...read article >>

  • Jan 28
    January 28, 2008

    I just got a call from Shareta (she is the first single mother we ever worked with and the inspiration for AtG).  She has continued to work with AtG and is our best recruiter. To set this up you need to know that Shareta dropped out of high school in 10th grade and has tried for the last several years to get her G.E.D.  She studies the materials and does very well on the pre-test, but every time she sits for the actual exam she...read article >>

  • Jan 01
    January 01, 2008
  • Dec 14
    December 14, 2007

    We have had an incredible week.  This is the second year that we have opened up a Christmas Store on Natchez where the children can come and pick out presents for their mothers.  So far we have had 175 kids plus 28 kids that we were able to serve at the Rutherford County Alternative Learning Center.  What a blessing it is to see these young men and women labor over which gift their mother would want more.  To see a 17 year...read article >>

  • Nov 26
    November 26, 2007

    I realized that it has been a month since I have updated this.  It has been a very busy November.  The office has been so busy with volunteers helping us get ready for the Christmas Store where the kids come and shop for their mothers.  We use this to try and teach the kids the joy of giving and give them the diginity to come in and pick out a few gifts for the mothers.  Most of the kids don't have the opportunity to...read article >>

  • Oct 26
    October 26, 2007

    Last night was a great time.  We had personal testimonies from the moms and kids, updates on the minsitry and I told the vision for 2008.  The food was (once again) incredible from Famous Dave's and Quinn (a 5 year old we work with) stunned the crowd with his voice.  He has been asked to be in the Vince Gill Christmas Concert and has done other national T.V. appearances.  John Ford Coley was great!  What...read article >>

  • Oct 01
    October 01, 2007

    We have gotten a confirmation that John Ford Coley will be making a special appearance at the AtG Fall Banquet on Thursday October 25 at The Factory in Franklin.  John has had 4 number 1 hits and several top 40 songs and has double platinum and gold records.  It will be a great evening.  Tables are $500 and seat 8 or individual tickets are $75 per person.  Sponsorships are available.  Thanks to HCA for their...read article >>

  • Sep 05
    September 05, 2007

    Last week ended up being a great week.  It was our first real week back with Reach & Teach and we had over 70 kids.  The structure and organzation that Cristi and Mitzi Maynard (Volunteer Coordinator) have brought has made an immediate impact.  The kids responded quickly to the new rules and systems and we all had a great time.  The moms in the 180 program are really coming together as a group.  They are almost...read article >>

  • Aug 27
    August 27, 2007

    It is the second full week of school and Reach & Teach will start back up this evening.  Last night we had a swim party with the 4th grade boys and talked a little about some of the expectations for this new year.  We have learned a lot, in our reading this summer, about working with kids who have grown up in poverty and/or without a father present.  We will be implementing many things that we learned from 3 books that I...read article >>

  • Aug 22
    August 22, 2007

    We would like to welcome Jeff Solomon to the Board of Directors.  Jeff owns a C.P.A. firm in Cool Springs, will be acting as the Board Treasurer and as the Chair of the Finance Committee.  He is going to be a great asset and take many responsibilities off the shoulders of Meredith.  The Board continues to grow and add new people with the skills to move this vision forwarded.  For a full list of who is on...read article >>